If your concern is regarding the service you have received from First Gas please contact 0800 FIRST GAS or email connections@firstgas.co.nz.

First Gas is a member of Utilities Disputes Limited.

Please supply the following information to help us respond to your query:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • The name of your gas retailer
  • ICP number (you can find this on your gas energy bill)
  • If it relates to a connection, disconnection or relocation your case number if available


Once we receive your formal complaint or dispute, we will do our best to find out what went wrong and try to fix the problem. First Gas endeavours to resolve all complaints within 20 working days but we may notify complainants in writing that it could longer (up to 40 working days) where a good reason exists. If after this period we have not reached an acceptable solution, you may decide to take the complaint to Utilities Disputes Ltd. This is a free and independent service.

The Commissioner can be contacted at:

Utilities Disputes Ltd
Phone: 0800 22 33 40, Fax: 0800 22 33 47
PO Box 5875
Lambton Quay
Wellington 6145
Email: info@utilitiesdisputes.co.nz
Website: www.utilitiesdisputes.co.nz