First Gas owns and operates the Maui Pipeline and its associated assets.

First Gas is also the contracting party with all who wish to obtain gas transport services from, or establish interconnection services with, the Maui Pipeline.

Under the Maui Pipeline Operating Code (MPOC), the operation of the Maui Pipeline is separated into three distinct functions: the Commercial Operator, the System Operator, and the Technical Operator. First Gas performs all of these roles.

The Commercial Operator role fulfills a number of roles and acts as the interface for pipeline customers. The Commercial Operator consults with industry, submits to regulatory bodies and is responsible for administering the MPOC on behalf of First Gas. The Commercial Operator role also includes contract management, MPOC changes, tariff setting, invoicing and administering the Incentives Pool.

The System Operator role fulfills a number of roles relating to the day to day operation and running of the Maui Pipeline including administration of the nominations regime, OATIS process management and the calculation of Maui Pipeline Line Pack and capacity.

The Technical Operator role fulfills a number of roles relating to the physical operation of the pipeline, which typically includes pipeline maintenance, engineering solutions, monitoring the quality and composition of pipeline gas, physical pipeline operation, and pipeline contingency management.