On 20 April 2016, First Gas acquired the gas transmission and non-Auckland gas distribution networks of Vector Gas Limited. The documents below are required by regulation to be publicly disclosed. These documents will be updated by First Gas from time to time.

These documents relate to the Vector gas distribution business, including both Auckland and non-Auckland services.

Gas Distribution Information Disclosures 2015/16
Gas Asset Management Plan – 2016
Annual Price Review 2016
Price-quality path compliance statement 2016
Annual Price Review 2015
Pricing Methodology
Capital Contribution Policy
Prescribed terms and conditions of contracts
GDB Non-Standard Modification Disclosure
GDB New Non-Standard Contract Disclosure
Draft Gas Use of System Agreement
Previous Disclosures
Gas Distribution Information Disclosures 2014/15


First Gas is subject to price-quality regulation under Part 4 of the Commerce Act. More information on the regulatory regime can be at www.comcom.govt.nz. Market and access arrangements in the gas industry are regulated by the Gas Industry Company (GIC). More information on GIC is available at www.gasindustry.co.nz