Because an entire gas network is interconnected – from generators, to transmission, to local distribution – it can be affected by unplanned outages.

These can be caused by natural events such as earthquakes and land-subsidence, but most likely by pipes being accidentally damaged by excavation or other construction work. Technical problems or equipment failure can also cause outages.

If you are planning to excavate – the first rule is to check before you dig! Please ph 0800 FIRST GAS or email us or visit to get network maps, close approach consents and permits to work.

If you hit a pipe – follow these directions:

  • Switch off all machinery and remove all sources of ignition, including mobile phones.
  • Move at least six metres away (100 metres for a transmission pipeline) and call the fire service on 111.
  • Evacuate the immediate area.
  • Leave the damaged pipe to vent.
  • DO NOT try to cover the damaged pipe with any material, including digger buckets.
  • DO NOT start any vehicles for removal.
  • DO NOT attempt to extinguish ignited gas fires.
  • DO NOT inhale fumes.
  • Call us immediately on¬†0800 734 567

If you smell a gas leak in your home or at work:

  • Call the fire service on 111 if you are concerned
  • Do not operate light or electrical switches
  • Turn of any gas appliance that are on
  • Do not smoke
  • Do not use your mobile phones or devices
  • Open the doors and windows to ventilate the building
  • Leave the house or building
  • Turn the gas meter off, if you know where the gas meter is.
    • Your gas meter is located outside the house. The valve on the service pipe only requires a quarter turn to move from ‚Äòon’ to ‚Äòoff’. The gas supply is off/closed when it is horizontal to the pipe
    • If your meter valve does not have a handle, use a wrench or a spanner. Give the valve a 1/4 turn clockwise (i.e. 12 – 3 o’clock) to turn it off.
  • Call us immediately on¬†0800 734 567

What should I do during a gas outage?

  • Turn appliances off. Make sure your stove and all heaters are turned off. If you have a gas hot water heater, turn it off too. This ensures they don’t come back on without you noticing, or if you’re not at home, when the gas supply is restored.
  • Relight gas appliances. When advised by one of our representatives that the gas supply has been restored, relight your gas appliances. Ensure you light all pilots, including pilots on hot water heaters

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