Our engineering team is to undertake repair work on our 400-Line (30-inch Maui pipeline) at a farm near Whitecliffs in Tongaporutu, Taranaki where land movement has been identified.

A five-yearly pipeline monitoring exercise in April using an internal inspection tool identified a potential issue with an anomaly in the pipe.

Further investigation identified the anomaly. It is assumed that the anomaly has been caused by land movement which has placed strain on the pipe.

Field surveys by specialist inspectors were immediately carried out to understand the nature of the land movement. Further specialist analysis of the data was commissioned to determine the risk to the integrity of the pipeline.

The specialist analysis was completed on Friday 21 September and indicates that the pipeline has developed a crease as a result of pipe movement, focused in a single location affecting approximately a 5 metre section of pipeline.

Offsite preparations will begin this week and once the site is excavated we will confirm a repair plan.

There has been no loss of containment, but there is a risk of failure at this location leading to a potential supply interruption.

Due to the remote nature of the location there is little public safety risk. We have in place procedures to manage this risk.

We are working with the landowners to ensure the work, which is being undertaken in difficult terrain, is completed safely and responsibly. We will be advising on the continued progress of the repairs.

If you have questions, or need to get in touch with our team about the repairs, please call us on 0275 111 561 or email hugo@senateshj.co.nz.

Page last updated: 26/09/2018