Pariroa Bypass

Maintaining supply on the Maui pipeline 

First Gas is pleased to report the successful installation of an 800-metre bypass to a section of the 400-line (Maui pipeline) at a farm in Pariroa, near Whitecliffs, Taranaki. 

The bypass has been installed so repairs can be completed on a five metre section of the pipeline that was creased by land movement surrounding the pipe. 

An enormous team effort 

We had allowed 48 hours for the completion of the work which did have a contingency for any unforeseen issues.  In the end the work was completed safely within 27 hours – a testament to the crews on the job and everyone involved in the planning over previous weeks. 

The team worked through a well-planned and executed programme developed to minimise impact and ensure normal supplies while the repairs are completed.  This link  to the last update gives a good overview of the work completed over the weekend. 

This has been an enormous effort that has involved a large team of First Gas employees – not only those involved in the construction and connection of the bypass, but an even bigger team of staff, contractors and consultants who were involved in the planning and preparation. 

A key to minimising disruption during the connection was the agreement of several major users to reduce demand, communicate their intended demand or use alternate fuels so that we could maintain normal supplies to all other industrial, commercial and domestic users. 

We would specifically like to thank Genesis Energy, Refining New Zealand, Fonterra and Contact Energy for their support. Without their help and cooperation, the connection could not have been completed without significant disruption. 

It is with considerable pride and a sense of achievement that we look back on the last two to three months. We look forward to the same successful outcome for the programme of repairs to the main pipeline in 2019. 

This will be the last of the regular twice-weekly updates.  We will keep stakeholders informed about progress and will resume another structured programme of communications during 2019 when we approach the second scheduled shutdown to disconnect the bypass is and reinstate the repaired Maui pipeline. 

Once again we thank you for your support during this operation.  We wish you a safe holiday season and a happy new year. 


Paul Goodeve 
CEO First Gas Ltd



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