While Firstgas remains committed to delivering the GTAC project, Firstgas have decided to suspend the GTAC project.  We apologise for the uncertainty and frustration this may cause for you and your operations.

We cannot give you a set deployment date, but the project will not go live in 2020. October 2021 is now the earliest possible delivery date for the project, although this looks likely to be pushed out as the COVID-19 emergency measures mean our focus must move to providing essential services during the national lockdown.  During this time, we will not be asking for project or technology input from stakeholders.

There are a number of complex factors that have contributed to the continued delays of the GTAC project.  These factors include an under-estimation of the complexity of the wider nomination environment, an increasing customisation of our technology product to meet our needs and, finally, the impact of Covid-19.

None of the issues associated with the project are insurmountable, but the best next step is to put in place a plan to develop the required processes to allow the project team (and third- party vendors) to get the remaining project work done. You have told us that a quality implementation is more important than a set timeframe and we have taken that onboard.

While our approach to project implementation is being re-assessed, we will continue to operate under the two existing pipeline codes and will continue to use our existing OATIS system.

Firstgas has put in place measures for the current gas year that enable existing VTC and MPOC prices to continue until the end of the gas year. We are working on various pricing scenarios for the period beginning October 2020, and we plan to discuss these with you. From our perspective, it is important that any pricing is developed together with you and end-users of gas so that we understand your perspectives on the risks and benefits of our pricing for gas year 2021.

Once we get past the current COVID-19 lock-down, we will continue work on resetting the GTAC project, including  harnessing expert external advice and overhauling the project’s governance, structure and team roles. We will be looking for practical solutions with our software vendors and are not ruling out any options to progress GTAC implementation. It’s important that GTAC is supported by a stable and workable technology solution so that Firstgas can ensure that service expectations can continue to be met. 

Gas Transmission Access Code Implementation Project

The Gas Transmission Access Code (GTAC) has been assessed as materially better than the existing transmission access codes by the Gas Industry Company (read their assessment here). In order for the code to go live, the following work needs to be completed:

  • A new suite of agreements with our customers;
  • A new IT solution comprising the Transmission Access Commercial Operations System (TACOS), a GTAC public website and APIs to interface with TACOS; and
  • A new set of policies and procedures to govern the operations of the transmission system.

This page is where the GTAC Implementation Project will update customers and other stakeholders on implementation progress, publish project documentation and detail project delivery.