Firstgas Group announces plan to decarbonise gas pipeline network in New Zealand

A plan to decarbonise New Zealand's gas pipeline network by transitioning from natural gas to hydrogen has been announced on Monday, ensuring Kiwis can continue to have their hot showers, cooking hobs - and barbecues - in a zero-carbon future. In 2019, the Government introduced the Climate Change Response (Zero Carbon) Amendment Act, setting out New Zealand's goal to reach reach zero net carbon emissions by 2050 and reduce methane emissions by 24 to 47 percent. The legislation provides a framework to contribute to the global effort under the Paris Agreement to limit the global average temperature…continue reading →

Maui and me: Ex-pipeline worker flies over gas pipeline he helped to build more than 40 years ago

Mud and rain - it never seemed to stop. The weather - and the camaraderie - are the enduring memories that Robert Parker​ has of working on the Maui gas pipeline almost 50 years ago. Commissioned in 1973, Parker, 75, was one of the original bulldozer operators during construction as the pipeline snaked 299km from the Oaonui Production Station, south of New Plymouth, under farmland, over steep ridges, across gullies and under riverbeds, to the Huntly Power Station, south of Auckland, It was a dream job. “We just loved the work. We went…continue reading →

Industry leaders collaborate to solve global energy challenges

Beca, EECA, Firstgas Group and Fonterra are backing a study to assess the potential of raw biogas by treating it so it becomes a possible substitute for natural gas. Eleanor Grant, Industrial Sustainability Lead at Beca said, “We know there is real potential for biogas generation in New Zealand and this study is the next piece in the puzzle. It will help build a picture of the scale of this opportunity and what a successful biogas industry for New Zealand would look like.” Angela Ogier, Group Strategy and Corporate Development Manager at Firstgas…continue reading →

Firstgas and Hiringa Energy have sights set on advancing green hydrogen, together

Firstgas and Hiringa Energy have their sights set on the development of a green hydrogen economy and today announced a collaboration agreement that will support New Zealand’s objectives to further advance this. Paul Goodeve, CEO Firstgas Group said, “Both Firstgas Group and Hiringa Energy are committed to helping NZ move towards net zero emissions by 2050, by harnessing the power of green hydrogen and this partnership is a positive step in the right direction.” Andrew Clennett, CEO Hiringa Energy said, “The agreement will see both companies work together on like-minded projects and I’m…continue reading →

Firstgas’ Ahuroa upgrade provides flexible gas supply to support renewable energy

Firstgas Group company, Flexgas today announced the completion of an upgrade to its Ahuroa gas storage facility in Taranaki, which will provide greater flexibility and security of gas supply to support New Zealand’s growing renewable electricity generation fleet. Paul Goodeve, Firstgas Group Chief Executive said, “The increased capacity of supply from Ahuroa provides instantaneous gas supply, helping to fill the gap in meeting energy demand when the wind doesn’t blow, the sun does not shine or lake levels are low. Ultimately this expanded facility will help our customers to better manage energy supply…continue reading →

New Zealand’s three largest gas distributors unite to offer businesses payment deferrals during COVID-19

Firstgas, Powerco and Vector provide the gas distribution networks that connect 96% of New Zealand’s natural gas customers. The group has come together to provide network payment deferral programmes to retailers serving business customers on the group’s networks. The three companies are conscious that the restrictions posed by the COVID-19 Alert Levels 3 and 4 put financial strain on many business customers. All of the companies are proposing payment deferrals of at least three months to gas retailers to assist with immediate business customer cashflow challenges that businesses are experiencing during this time.…continue reading →
Fiona Oliver appointed to First Gas board

Fiona Oliver appointed to First Gas board

Experienced independent director Fiona Oliver, has been appointed to First Gas Group’s Board of Directors. Holding governance roles across a wide range of business sectors, including renewable energy and software for utilities billing systems, Ms Oliver has a position on a number of company boards in New Zealand and Australia. She is a director of and audit committee chair for Tilt Renewables Limited, Gentrack Group Limited, BNZ Life Insurance Limited and BNZ Insurance Services Limited. Ms Oliver is also a director of Augusta Capital Limited and Augusta Funds Management Limited, and a member…continue reading →
Mark Ratcliffe appointed new chair of First Gas

Mark Ratcliffe appointed new chair of First Gas

First Gas Ltd is delighted to announce the appointment of Mark Ratcliffe as the Chair of its Board. Mr Ratcliffe has served on the First Gas board since 2016 and has been the chair of the People and Culture board during this time. He has extensive governance experience, serving on a range of boards including 2degrees, IKE GPS, Auckland Transport and Housing New Zealand. He also brings extensive leadership experience with a strong chief executive (CE) background, most recently acting as the CE for NZTA for over 12 months and the CEO of…continue reading →

Firstgas Group and Covid 19

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, we want to keep you updated about the plans we have in place to keep our people and customers safe, provide continuity of services and support our customers through this time. Below are some links to information on how we will manage to continue our service through this pandemic. Our latest business continuity plan You can also get the latest updates from the Ministry of Health to help you keep you and your family informed and safe. Things are changing daily and we will update this page…continue reading →

New Mokau Museum exhibit captures stories of Kāpuni and Māui gas pipelines

Hot-shot welders flown in from overseas... specialised tractors and machinery imported just for the job... X-ray technology and cutting edge techniques – the construction of the Kāpuni gas pipeline was a grand and ground-breaking undertaking for New Zealand. The stories behind the construction of both the Kāpuni and Māui gas pipelines, which hug the North Taranaki-Waitomo coastline, are now the centre of a new exhibition at the Mokau Museum and Gallery. Researched and designed for the Mokau Museum by First Gas, which owns and operates both the Kāpuni and Māui high pressure gas…continue reading →