Gas is instant, reliable and efficient but it needs to be used safely. That’s the message of Energy Safety’s gas safety campaign which launches today.

The education and awareness campaign will run for 16 weeks throughout winter and aims to help millions of New Zealanders use gas and LPG safely in the home. It focuses on four key safety issues:

  • Using a portable LPG cabinet heater
  • Installing and maintaining a gas appliance
  • Using a gas cooker in a caravan
  • What to do if you smell gas.

We want to reach as many people as possible and these four focus areas are where we see the most incidents, says Energy Safety’s Manager, Mark Wogan. LPG cabinet heaters have caused the deaths of four people over the past five years. Another three have died in gas accidents in caravans over seven years.

We also want to remind Kiwis to use a qualified gas fitter to install any gas appliance – it’s not safe or legal to just do it yourself. If you smell gas indoors, don’t muck around – if safe to do so turn off all gas appliances and get a licenced gas worker to check the installation. If an appliance is poorly maintained or faulty it can produce poisonous carbon monoxide.

The campaign is co-branded with the LPG Association and the Gas Association. LPG Association Executive Director Peter Gilbert says it will play a key role in educating the public. Gas and LPG are convenient sources of energy but to enjoy their benefits the public need to get on board with the campaign’s safety tips.

The campaign is being released online and on social media, with targeted radio and print adverts complementing the online presence. There is also a dedicated gas safety website so people can check they are using gas safely. At that site you can view the campaign’s light-hearted animations designed to get across a serious safety message.

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