Gas is a safe energy source for heating and cooking in the home. However, if you smell gas inside a house or building or suspect you have a gas leak, and say yes to any of the list below, you should evacuate the house/building and area surrounding any gas escape immediately. Please do so without using a vehicle or any device that may create a spark, including a mobile phone.• Can you smell gas?• Can you hear gas escaping?• Have you heard or seen a gas explosion or fire?• Are you aware of damage to a gas pipe or gas equipment?


  • Turn off the gas supply at your meter, only if it is safe and you are confident to do so. 
  • Leave electrical appliances as they are, do not turn them off or on.
  • Open windows and doors to ventilate the building.
  • Extinguish any naked flames and stop anyone from smoking in the area.
  • Do not create possible ignition sources by using a vehicle, electronic devices (mobile phones, tablets, cameras, etc.), matches or lighters, or by smoking.
  • Please report all damage no matter how minor by calling us on 0800 802 332.

How to Turn off Your Gas Supply

For your safety, it is important that you know how to turn off the gas supply. This includes knowing where the isolation valve is located, how it is turned off and what tools, if any, are required to turn it off. Don’twait until an emergency to find out where and how to turn off your gas supply.

The gas isolation valve is located at the gas meter installation. If there is more than one valve, in an emergency turn off both valves.

The following examples show the two typical types of valves that are in use on our networks and their respective open and closed positions. 

Note: All valves turn off in a clockwise direction.

  • To turn off your gas supply, turn the valve handle in the clockwise position until it stops in the horizontal position
    (level with the ground). Some valves do not have a handle so you will need a spanner.  
  • If you cannot find the isolation valve or if at any time you have difficulty turning off the valve, contactus by calling 0800 802 332.
  • If you smell gas from or around the gas meter, turn it off immediately and call us on 0800 802 332.

For a major incident, where there is risk to life or property, call 111.

For all other emergencies call us on 0800 802 332.