Gas is a safe energy source for heating and cooking in the home. However, if you suspect you have a gas leak, and say yes to any of the list below, evacuate the area immediately surrounding any gas escape without using a vehicle or any device that may create a spark, including a mobile phone.

  • Can you smell gas?
  • Can you hear gas escaping?
  • Have heard or seen a gas explosion or fire
  • Are you aware of damage to a gas pipe or gas equipment?


  • Only if it is safe to do so turn off the gas supply at your meter
  • Do not use a naked flame or other ignition source if you suspect a gas leak
  • Do not create sparks by using a vehicle, electronic devices (mobile phones, tablets, cameras, etc.), matches or lighters, or by smoking
  • Please report all damage no matter how minor

For a major incident, where there is risk to life or property, call 111

For all other emergencies call us on 0800 802 332