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About Firstgas

Based in the energy-rich region of Taranaki, Firstgas is always ready to connect natural gas to homes, businesses and large industry throughout the North Island.

We own more than 2,500 km of high-pressure gas transmission pipelines and stations that are essential to supplying natural gas to industrial customers throughout the North Island.

Firstgas also owns 4,800kms of gas distribution networks across the North Island. These networks extend north as far as Northland and south as far as Kāpiti, as well as covering Waikato, Hawkes Bay, Gisborne and the Bay of Plenty. Through these distribution networks, Firstgas directly connects more than 60,000 homes and businesses to gas.

We also have relationships with more than 4,500 landowners and iwi who have transmission pipelines running through their properties and land. We work in partnership with them as well as our contractors to keep them safe, while living and working around our pipelines.

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Firstgas is a Clarus company

Clarus is one of New Zealand’s largest energy groups with businesses that touch many aspects of the energy supply chain including Rockgas, Firstgas, Firstlight Network, First Renewables and Flexgas.

Whether it’s transmission, distribution, supply or storage of energy, the companies within Clarus, service over half a million* homes and businesses of all sizes around New Zealand. We are proud to power Kiwi lives.

We are also investing in innovative renewable energy solutions such as biomethane and hydrogen, to help New Zealand reach its net zero carbon goals by 2050. Our First Renewables business is leading this work, researching and developing options for New Zealand homes, businesses and energy-intensive industries to access renewable energy in the future. 

*This is based on the total number of 500,000+ Kiwi homes and businesses using LPG or natural gas multiplied by the average number of residents in a home of 2.7 (StatsNZ).