Our distribution network serves consumers across Northland, Waikato, the Central Plateau, Bay of Plenty, Gisborne and Kapiti.

As we are the sole provider of natural gas infrastructure in each of these regions with limited competition, we are regulated by the Commerce Commission under Part 4 of the Commerce Act 1986. We are subject to:

  • Price-quality path regulation, which sets the prices we can charge and the level of service we must provide our customers; and
  • Information disclosure requirements, which requires us to publish information about our financial and non-financial performance.

The following documents demonstrate our compliance with the regulatory regime and are required to be disclosed annually:

  • Asset management plan
  • Pricing
  • Capital contribution policy
  • Prescribed terms and conditions of contracts
  • Information disclosure
  • Price-quality path compliance statements
  • Pricing methodology


Pricing schedules for residential, commercial and industrial customers for the year beginning 1 October.

Capital contribution policy

Our capital contribution policy sets out the costs for customers and businesses looking to connect to our gas distribution networks. 

Prescribed terms and conditions of contracts

Information on our standard and non-standard contracts for the gas distribution network.

We are currently working with retailers to develop a new use of system agreement. If you are a new retailer wanting to join our network, please contact the Distribution Commercial Manager at connections@firstgas.co.nz.

Information disclosure

Firstgas is required to publish annual performance information on its distribution network, covering matters such as measures of quality, prices, financial information, and forecasts of future expenditure (including planned investment).

Price-quality path compliance statements

Firstgas is subject to a default price-quality path (DPP) under Part 4 of the Commerce Act. The DPP sets the maximum average prices we can charge and sets the service quality standard we must meet across our distribution network. The following documents show our compliance with this regulatory requirement.

Pricing methodology

Our pricing methodology sets out how Firstgas allocates costs and sets prices for customers served by our distribution networks.

Regulation of gas market

For further information on regulation under Part 4 of the Commerce Act 1986, please visit the Commerce Commission website here.

Market and access arrangements in the gas industry are regulated by the Gas Industry Company (GIC). More information on the GIC is available on its website here.

Further information

For more information regarding regulation of our gas distribution business, please contact our regulatory team.