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Natural gas is a critical energy source for many different types of commercial and industrial applications.

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Enjoy the efficiency of natural gas

Natural gas is efficient and economic compared to many other energy options. Some large commercial users of natural gas include:

  • Commercial catering and food preparation
  • Steam raising and process heat
  • Direct drying and kilns
  • Space heating
  • Combined heat and power systems

While we do not supply or install gas burning equipment we can connect you with equipment suppliers who provide specialist advice on commercial and industrial gas burning equipment. 

If you need a reliable gas supply to be connected to your business then talk directly to us on:


Our specialist team can help

For property developers, sub divisions, land development and housing infill activities, we have a specialised New Connections team available to assist with your development. Just click here to contact us.

If you are in the Firstgas network area, we can make a quick and accurate energy assessment to check if natural gas will assist your business or sub division. We can check availability and depending on the type of connection, work out the most cost effective solution for you.

If your business is not in our distribution area of Whangarei, Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Central Plateau, Gisborne and Kapiti then you will need to contact the natural gas network operator in your area who are:

  • Greater Auckland area – Vector Gas
  • Hawkes Bay, Taranaki, Manawatu, Hutt Valley, Wellington – Gas Hub
  • Whanganui & Rangitikei – GasNet

News and Blog Hub

As an energy for homes and businesses, gas has many advantages and benefits. From cooking, to keeping us warm and heating our water. Our news and blog hub will keep you up to date on the benefits of gas today and as we look to the future of renewable gas.

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Southern Fresh set their sights on growth

So often, business success relies on having the right connections. This is why successful kiwi businesses like Southern Fresh rely on Firstgas to connect them to a reliable and efficient energy choice. This is Greg Dunn's story.

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Delivering a better customer experience with gas

Cam Weight is the owner of the Lookout Bar and Kitchen in Pukete, Hamilton. He explains why using natural gas for cooking and heating helps provide the ultimate customer experience in his 150-seat restaurant and bar.

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Building the right connections with Pragma Homes

When Sanjil Mistry from Pragma Homes was looking to bring innovation, efficiency and delight into his housing developments he choose to connect with Firstgas.

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Time for a national discussion on gas

With the release of the Governments Gas Transition Plan Issues Paper in August, GasNZ Chief Executive, Janet Carson has shared an opinion piece on why she thinks the paper provides the strongest signal yet that Government sees gas as key to the energy transition.

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Building or renovating? It’s a great time to think about natural gas

For many Kiwis, this is the perfect time to connect to the gas network, so you can enjoy all the versatility of gas appliances in your home.

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Find the perfect fireplace for your place

There are few better places to be mid-winter, than toasty and warm in front of the fire. A gas fireplace gives your home all the wonderful warmth and ambiance of a roaring fire.

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Five great reasons why flued gas heaters are a great choice

For a toasty warm home this winter, a flued gas heater could be an excellent choice. If you’re looking for a fixed source of heat that can rapidly warm up even a large living space, while being quiet and efficient, a flued gas heater might be right for you.

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