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Natural gas is a critical energy source for many different types of commercial and industrial applications.

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Enjoy the efficiency of natural gas

Natural gas is efficient and economic compared to many other energy options. Some large commercial users of natural gas include:

  • Commercial catering and food preparation
  • Steam raising and process heat
  • Direct drying and kilns
  • Space heating
  • Combined heat and power systems

While we do not supply or install gas burning equipment we can connect you with equipment suppliers who provide specialist advice on commercial and industrial gas burning equipment. 

If you need a reliable gas supply to be connected to your business then talk directly to us on:


Our specialist team can help

For property developers, sub divisions, land development and housing infill activities, we have a specialised New Connections team available to assist with your development. Just click here to contact us.

If you are in the Firstgas network area, we can make a quick and accurate energy assessment to check if natural gas will assist your business or sub division. We can check availability and depending on the type of connection, work out the most cost effective solution for you.

If your business is not in our distribution area of Whangarei, Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Central Plateau, Gisborne and Kapiti then you will need to contact the natural gas network operator in your area who are:

  • Greater Auckland area – Vector Gas
  • Hawkes Bay, Taranaki, Manawatu, Hutt Valley, Wellington – Gas Hub
  • Whanganui & Rangitikei – GasNet

News and Blog Hub

As an energy for homes and businesses, gas has many advantages and benefits. From cooking, to keeping us warm and heating our water. Our news and blog hub will keep you up to date on the benefits of gas today and as we look to the future of renewable gas.

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How to cook the perfect steak

Cooking the perfect steak on a gas BBQ, grill or hob is an art that combines technique, quality ingredients, and a bit of patience. Whether you're a novice with a cast iron pan on the stove top or a BBQ maestro, following these steps will ensure your steak is juicy, delicious and cooked to perfection.

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Unlimited hot water showers: The perfect post-sport weekend comfort

Imagine this: it’s the end of an action-packed morning watching your kids sports game from the sidelines. If you’ve been cheering and shivering in the New Zealand winter chill, or perhaps even the rain, one thing is certain – a long, hot shower is the perfect remedy.

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Dog jumped in the pond or rolled in the mud? Here is the ultimate guide on how to wash your dog

As dog owners, we've all experienced those muddy paw prints on the carpet or that distinct "wet dog" smell after a romp in the rain. While our furry friends may love getting dirty, giving them a bath isn't always a walk in the park.

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Kaitoke compressor upgrade with Ian and Gary V3

Kaitoke Compressor upgrade to improve network resilience

The Firstgas Kaitoke Compressor site is being prepared for the arrival of two new state-of-the-art compressors in early 2025. Kaitoke is a key site for the supply of natural gas throughout the lower North Island. Its existing 40-year-old compressor set-up isn’t enough to meet ongoing demand – especially on cold winter nights when gas usage peaks.

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Tickets to the Urenui Showdown rugby match selling fast

More than 1,500 tickets have been snapped up within two weeks of the “Urenui Showdown presented by Firstgas” going on sale.

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Mastering Delicious Dumplings on a Gas Hob

Dumplings are the epitome of comfort food, offering a burst of flavour delivered in a delightful doughy package. While traditionally steamed or boiled, cooking dumplings on a gas hob can add an extra layer of flavour and texture

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Urenui and Firstgas to host historic Yarrows Taranaki Bulls preseason match

Urenui is set to host a blockbuster Yarrows Taranaki Bulls Bunnings NPC preseason match in partnership with energy company Firstgas. The match against Bay of Plenty, dubbed the “Urenui Showdown presented by Firstgas” will be played at the picturesque Urenui Sportsground on Friday 2 August at 1pm.

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