Why choose gas?

As Kiwis, we love the benefits natural gas brings - instant heat, endless hot water, and cooking with a flame. It's an efficient, cost effective and proven energy source, and through its pipeline networks, Firstgas connects natural gas to over 300,000 homes, businesses, and large industry everyday.

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For your home

Ready to upgrade your home lifestyle? Find out more about natural gas for reliable and efficient heating, cooking, and outdoor entertainment.

For your business

Elevate your commercial efficiency with a tailored natural gas solution. From steam raising to space heating, our energy assessments pinpoint the most cost-effective approach for your business.

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Our pipeline network supplies natural gas direct to homes and businesses

Firstgas supplies over 65,000 residential, business and industrial customers with natural gas every day. Through our extensive pipeline network, we’re able to supply a safe and reliable source of natural gas through our network of pipelines direct to factories, offices, restaurants, hospitals and homes in Whangarei, Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Central Plateau, Gisborne and Kapiti.

If natural gas is not available, why not explore LPG options with Rockgas?

Benefits of natural gas

  • Cost-effective
  • Highly efficient
  • A reliable source
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Check your availability

If you are in the Firstgas network area in Whangarei, Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Central Plateau, Gisborne and Kapiti Coast then check for the availability of natural gas at your property. If you’re outside the Firstgas network you still may be able to get alternative energy sources.

News and blog hub

As an energy for homes and businesses, gas has many advantages and benefits. From cooking, to keeping us warm and heating our water. Our news and blog hub will keep you up to date on the benefits of gas today and as we look to the future of renewable gas.

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Firstgas comcom media release

Firstgas appeals Commerce Commissions input methodologies decision

Firstgas announced today it has filed an appeal of the Commerce Commission’s input methodologies (IM) decisions released in December 2023.

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Why do chefs love cooking with gas?

When it comes to professional kitchens, gas ranges are the number one cooking method of choice – by a wide margin.

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Maui pipeline and mountain

How the gas pipeline could be an important tool in achieving lower emissions

Based in the energy-rich region of Taranaki, Clarus company, Firstgas connects natural gas to homes, businesses and large industry across the North Island. Firstgas is responsible for the ongoing reliability and safe operation of the more than 2,500 km of high-pressure gas transmission pipelines, known as the Māui and Kapuni pipelines.

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Mokau Museum external hero

Mōkau Museum celebrates re-opening and reveals new Firstgas display

Firstgas a Clarus company is a long-time supporter of Mōkau Museum and some of our Firstgas team headed to Mōkau in early December 2023 to attend the re-opening of this community treasure. 

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The perfect outdoor living space for summer

Make the most of a gorgeous Kiwi summer in 2024 with a well-designed outdoor living space. Great outdoor spaces merge the line between your house and your garden, creating fluid, versatile ways to maximise your enjoyment of both spaces.

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Team at Mokau Compressor Station

Mokau Compressor Station upgrade team achieves major milestone

The Mokau Compressor Station upgrade has reached a milestone, with the safe re-installation of the unit one gas cooler. 19 tonne cooler lowers the temperature of the gas so that its cool enough to send north in the pipeline.

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Gas is here to stay

Kiwis love the benefits gas brings – summer barbies, instant heat, endless hot water, and cooking with a flame. But Kiwis also want to protect New Zealand’s environment. Firstgas has been researching and monitoring international efforts and exploring how we can be part of making gas more efficient and renewable in the future.