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You will find it hard to beat the benefits of gas for instant heat, endless hot water and precision cooking with a flame – it all happens with gas and if you're in our network area, Firstgas can get you connected. Here are some great reasons why gas is a perfect energy choice.

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Enjoy endless hot water

Natural gas provides as much hot water as you need which makes it an excellent choice for your home.

A continuous flow water heater is small and easy to install outside, freeing up storage space inside. It heats the water as long as the tap is turned on, so you never run out. No hot water sits in storage, so you only heat what you need, making a continuous flow system highly efficient and cost-effective. 

A gas storage cylinder is also very efficient. It fits into the same space as a traditional electric cylinder and unlike the electric option, it can be installed outside and reheats stored water faster. This means more hot showers in the same time period. They come in a range of sizes. Some models do not require electricity and can operate even when power is off. They can operate on mains pressure, unequal pressure or low pressure.

Freestanding gas fireplace

The beauty of gas fires and space heating

When you want a warm and cosy home, natural gas gives you so many options.

Stylish and beautiful, gas fires become the heart of any room plus they give you the ambience of a wood fire at the touch of a button, without needing to refuel or clean it.  The precise heat allows for thermostatic control that can be operated from a remote device.

Central heating creates a toasty environment by radiating heat throughout your home and the timer options allow you to come home to a warm house. There are a wide range of natural gas fires and heaters that can suit many tastes and heat requirements, and many gas fires have a thermostatic control to maintain warmth at your favourite level. Some models have the option to duct the warm air into other rooms in your home, increasing the benefit of the gas fire.


Cooking with gas and appliances on stove top

Cooking with gas

Gas is the natural choice for cooking because it provides instant heat and precision control

Gas provides evenly distributed heat, which can be adjusted precisely to the level you require. This allows you to cook any dish from the full-on heat required for sizzling a steak, to the delicate heating of a sauce. 

When you turn up the heat on a gas range, you immediately get more heat delivered to the food. When you turn off the gas, the heat is immediately removed, and you don't have to wait for elements to cool.


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Building or renovating your home

If you're building or renovating, now is the perfect time to think about connecting to natural gas.

When planning a new build or renovating your existing home, it's important to consider what type of energy you will use to make it warm, dry and comfortable. For many Kiwis, it's an opportunity to connect to the gas network, so you can enjoy all the versatility of gas appliances, which can be a cost-effective method of heating your water, warming your house, and for cooking.

If you’re already doing work on your property, it’s a good time to incorporate a gas connection. Your gas connection allows you to install the gas appliances of your choice, and by starting early in the design process, your appliances can be integrated into your home seamlessly. When renovating, you also have the option to retrofit gas appliances, even into very old homes.

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Practical benefits of gas in your home