First Gas is responsible for the technical, commercial and system operation of the Maui pipeline.

The functions carried out by First Gas in each of these areas are summarized below.


  • Preparation of asset management plans for the Maui Pipeline
  • Managing and operating the pipeline in conformity with all legislative and regulatory requirements and in accordance with instructions issued by First Gas Limited
  • Monitoring and controlling pipeline gas flow
  • Monitoring gas metering and pipeline pressures
  • Calculating pipeline capacity
  • Scheduling routine or Planned Pipeline Maintenance
  • Providing at all times such timely information as may be required for the safe and smooth operation of the Maui Pipeline, including technical advice with respect to pipeline operating parameters and Line Pack management.


  • Tariff calculation
  • Administration of the Maui Pipeline Operating Code (MPOC) and associated contracts
  • New Interconnection Agreements (ICAs) and Transmission Services Agreements (TSAs)
  • Management of prudential requirements
  • Administration of service contracts
  • Administration of the Balancing Agent function and administration of the Balancing Gas Exchange (BGX)
  • OATIS (Open Access Transmission Information System) improvements
  • Dispute resolution
  • Gas demand forecasting
  • Coordination of Critical Contingency related activities and other pipeline incidents
  • Administration of the Incentives Pool
  • First Gas invoicing including tariff charges, payments, and general accounting
  • Adherence to confidentiality and ring fencing obligations
  • Maintenance of the Maui Pipeline Information Exchange with information posted in accordance with section 4 of the Maui Pipeline Operating Code
  • Setting limits and tolerances for Welded Points of the Maui pipeline
  • Commerce Commission liaison and administration of compliance with Commerce Commission price-quality and information disclosure regulations
  • Gas Industry Company liaison and participation in industry body related work streams
  • Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment liaison
  • Preparation of regulatory disclosures


  • Administration and operation of OATIS
  • Administration of the nominations regime, confirming the feasibility of proposed Scheduled Quantities, curtailing as required, and confirming approved Nominations and Scheduled Quantities
  • Calculation of Line Pack and pipeline capacity
  • Management of processes in OATIS associated with monitoring daily activity by Maui Pipeline users
  • Management of Contingency Events, including Curtailment of Nominations and Scheduled Quantities, and industry communications
  • Communication to industry of planned maintenance and unplanned events on the Maui Pipeline
  • Provision of information services relevant to metering and data acquisition