Shippers and Welded Parties are the pipeline’s customers. A Shipper is a party that transports gas through the pipeline and a Welded Party is a party responsible for the physical transfer of gas into, or out of, the pipeline.

Shippers on the Maui Pipeline pay two tariffs. The first, Tariff 1, is levelled on each¬†gigajoule kilometre ( of gas is transported. A is simply one GJ of gas travelling one kilometre. The total is calculated as the total quantity of gas shipped multiplied by the distance that gas travels. The second, Tariff 2, is levelled on each GJ of gas transmitted. Tariff 1 was established in order for First Gas to recover its cost of, and return on capital. Tariff 2 was established to recover First Gas’s operational costs.

Shippers and Welded Parties on the Maui Pipeline conduct their daily pipeline operations through the Open Access Transmission Information System or OATIS. Shippers input daily nominations and forecasts and Welded Parties monitor the flow of gas through their Welded Point against the quantity they scheduled to flow.

OATIS is also a public platform through which the general public is able to access information on some operational aspects of the Maui Pipeline. Examples include Maui Pipeline Line Pack and Welded Point metering information. OATIS is also the communication point for both Critical and Non-Critical industry notices.

For parties wishing to become a Shipper or Welded Party on the Maui Pipeline, an information pack available on Maui Pipeline Resources page.