Proudly leading the delivery of New Zealand’s energy needs in a changing world.


Safely and reliably delivering energy that is affordable and acceptable to New Zealand’s families and businesses.


First Gas Limited owns and operates New Zealand’s high-pressure gas transmission system, which transports natural gas from Taranaki to industrial consumers throughout the North Island and spans more than 2,200 kilometres.  First Gas also owns gas distribution networks that supply more than 60,000 North Island businesses and homes, and we have recently purchased the Ahuroa gas storage facility and Rockgas – a national LPG supplier.  These are collectively valued at more than $1.8 billion.  First Gas’ assets provide essential and strategically important infrastructure that supports the New Zealand economy, and we are committed to ensuring that our customers obtain maximum value from using our gas assets.

First Gas is an Equal Opportunity Employer and we are committed to inclusion and diversity.  Our Vision is to create a diverse workforce which reflects our society where people can bring their whole selves to work.  Our aim is to foster an inclusive culture which supports innovation by encouraging diversity of thought to come up with new ideas, make better decisions and ultimately become a more successful business.  Our goal is to attract great people and provide them with the tools, development, support and direction to do a fantastic job, and have fun along the way. 


Our values are quite simply how we do everything here.  They give us a point of connection every day and keep us focused on what makes this place,  such a special place to work.  The other really cool thing about the TIGER values, is that they have a long history in Health and Safety – which of course is super important to us as we operate a vital piece of national infrastructure. 

Sometimes process safety is stylised as a tiger while personal safety is depicted as a Lion.   Lions hunt in the open and can be seen, tigers sneak around in depths of the jungle and are very difficult to see.  Both need to be respected but you will not see the Tiger coming.  Process safety needs constant focus and we are really proud of how we hold this as a core part of how we operate.

Our people have a fundamental deep seated Pride in looking after assets of national importance.  Our people take ownership in keeping the gas flowing, as the most important thing we do is to look after the people of Aotearoa by providing them with energy that is safe and reliable.