The perfect outdoor living space for summer

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Make the most of a gorgeous Kiwi summer in 2024 with a well-designed outdoor living space. Great outdoor spaces merge the line between your house and your garden, creating fluid, versatile ways to maximise your enjoyment of both spaces. Get it right, and you can make your home a more enjoyable place to live, while also increasing its value.  

The right appliances can provide a focus for any outdoor space, as well as giving you warmth, cooking options, and practical solutions for indoor-outdoor living. Here are our top appliances for an outdoor living space that will transform your property: 

Get ready for a classic Kiwi BBQ  

A barbeque is the classic choice for any Kiwi deck or garden. It gives you that flame-cooked flavour, crispy edges and caramelisation that can’t easily be achieved on an indoor cooktop.  

There’s a BBQ for every budget, from small tabletop grills through to massive eight-burner cooking stations, so you can fit one into any outdoor space. And with additions like a rotisserie or a smoker, you can add fresh tastes and experiences to your summer repertoire. This is brilliant for entertaining, or simply enjoying warm evenings at home.  

Consider a stylish pizza oven

Less traditional but quickly gaining in popularity, outdoor pizza ovens can be a fun and delicious way to cook outdoors. They are stylish, easy to use and can cook or grill a surprisingly wide range of dishes. A pizza oven can be a focal point for any outdoor seating area, and they’re available in a variety of sizes and styles to suit all types of homes.  

An outdoor shower is ideal at the beach 

When you’re situated near the beach, an outdoor shower is an excellent way to keep the sand out of the house. When you’ve been swimming, a quick rinse helps you get rid of all the sand. Add a flexible showerhead option, and you can easily just wash off your feet – or give the dog a bath before it drags all that debris inside.  

Extend your seasons with outdoor heating 

When you’ve invested in beautiful outdoor spaces, you want to get plenty of use out of them. Heating options mean you can start using your outdoor area earlier in spring and keep using it long into the autumn.  

You can choose from fixed or portable heating, whether that’s the classic patio heater favoured by the hospitality industry, a radiant heater over your table, or a small portable fire table. These appliances typically run on piped gas or LPG bottles and provide instant heat, keeping you and your guests cosy for hours.  

Set the mood with an outdoor fireplace 

Fire is the ultimate in outdoor heating – atmospheric and architectural, an outdoor fire can be the heart of your garden. The range of options is vast, and includes fire pits, built-in or freestanding fireplaces, and larger fire tables. You will need to consider whether you want an open flame which lets you toast marshmallows, or whether you prefer a contained fire which is safer for children and pets. But either way, you can pick a fire that will make your outdoor space inviting, appealing and toasty warm.  

Gas is here to stay 

As Kiwis, we love the benefits gas brings. Summer barbies, instant heat, endless hot water, and cooking with a flame. Thanks to our research and monitoring of international efforts, we’re planning our route towards distributing more energy efficient renewable gas in the future.  

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