Terms & Conditions


Connecting to our gas distribution network

If you are thinking about connecting to our gas distribution network, or already have this document sets out terms and conditions that apply to that connection. To make it as easy to read and clear as possible, we have used some abbreviations; these are shown in bold and their full meaning is given at the end, in the definitions section.

If you decide to accept our offer, these terms and conditions will govern our relationship with you. It’s important you read and understand everything from the beginning. If you’re unsure about anything, send us an email at connections@firstgas.co.nz anytime, or give us a call on 0800 NEW GAS (0800 639 427).

To be clear, our relationship relates only to your connection to our network – from your meter to our gas main. Our relationship doesn’t extend to meter readings or to the supply of gas itself. For any questions about these matters, please contact your retailer. You might also want to visit the Powerswitch website to find the best pricing plan for your needs.