• Growing of plants within the Easement
  • Forestry plantings

Does not involve the following plantings which are permitted

  • Pasture
  • Lawns
  • Flower beds
  • Market gardening (annual crops with cultivating less than 400mm deep)
  • Annual crops (e.g. Lucerne, wheat, barley, oats, maize and feed crops)

Please be aware of specific requirements

  • Firstgas requires vehicle access along the easement
  • For developments and landscaping of more than 1 acre a planting design needs to be approved by Firstgas
  • Any planting approval is subject to Firstgas retaining the rights to remove, at any time in the future, all vegetation which in the opinion of Firstgas, might become a danger to a pipeline.
  • Tree planting directly alongside the pipeline easement must be approved by Firstgas
  • Support structures for grapes, kiwi fruit etc should be at least 5 meters from the pipeline
  • First gas will not agree to vegetation covenants over the easement.

Planting Guide ( for any plants not listed please contact Firstgas for guidance)

Approved planting distances within the easement and either side of the pipeline

Poplars, willows, pines, eucalyptus, kauri, oak, cedar, pohutakawa, rimu, sycamore, poplar, totara, macrocarpa, walnut, chesnut, birch

Most deciduous trees, conifers, tall rhododendrons, tall maples, cabbage tree, tall magnolias, ash, cherry trees, banksia, macadamia, tall fruit trees, elm

Shallow rooted shrubs and small trees-camellias, small maples, pittosporums, box, kowhai, griselinia (puka), manuka, small magnolia, citrus, tree ferns, bottle brush, pseudopanax, kawakawa, mahoe, shrub natives

Berry crops, kiwi fruit, flax, passionfruit, small comprosma, small hebes, ground ferns, ornamental grasses, roses

Pasture, low grasses, groundcovers, oats, wheat, lucerne, maize and feed crops, shallow rooted plants