How you may identify a leak from a gas or petroleum pipeline:

  • Dead or discoloured vegetation
  • Ground water bubbling or frozen
  • An unusual hissing or roaring sound coming from the vicinity of the pipeline or associated facility
  • An unusual smell in the area of the pipeline
  • A fog-like vapour near the ground

Treat it seriously and:

  • Shut down all machinery
  • Evacuate the area immediately by foot
  • Move quickly to a safe distance until you can no longer smell the gas. If it’s windy, move in the direction the wind is coming from until you no longer smell gas
  • Remove all possible sources of ignition. Do not start up any motor vehicles
  • Call the Fire Service on 111 (if necessary)
  • Call First Gas on 0800 734 567. Emergency procedures will be set in motion and trained staff will be sent to the site
  • Don’t return to the area until you are advised that it is safe to do so

Please don’t cover up an accident. Let us know. It is much safer and easier for us to repair problems when they occur, rather than later.