Although pipelines are one of the safest forms of transport for natural gas and petroleum products, damage to a pipeline that causes the gas or liquid fuels to escape can be dangerous.

The biggest danger to underground pipelines is damage by people undertaking works over or near the pipelines.

First Gas has both low pressure distribution pipelines supplying domestic and commercial customers, and high pressure gas transmission pipelines supplying industrial customers and providing the bulk gas supply for the North Island.

There are different requirements for working near our pipelines depending on whether it is a distribution pipeline, or a high pressure transmission pipeline.

Before you Work around Gas Distribution Pipelines

Contact BeforeUdig at or 0800 248 344 to request plans, and close approach consents if you’ll be working around strategic pipelines.

For help with locating and marking our gas distribution pipelines on site, you can request assistance from a utility location service provider.

We may require up to two working days to process your request and issue plans for your work area. If a close approach consent is required this can take up to a further two working days.

Before you Work around High Pressure Gas Transmission Pipelines

Contact BeforeUdig at or 0800 248 344 to find out if there are transmission pipelines in your area of work.

You can also call us directly on 0800 800 393 to get pipeline location advice over the phone and arrange your permit, or email us at

If there are transmission pipelines in the area you will be working in, you will require a pipeline easement permit. If you have lodged an enquiry with, we will call you to organise for a field technician to meet you on site, locate the pipeline and issue your permit. In some cases the field technician may supervise the works.

We do not issue plans of high pressure transmission pipelines for work purposes.

Getting a pipeline easement permit to work near high pressure transmission pipelines is a free service. However we reserve the right in some cases to charge for technician supervision if this is needed for more than four hours.

If you have a gas pipeline on your property

For general advice and information about pipelines and easements on private property, see our ‚Our Pipelines on your Property page, or contact us

High Pressure Gas Transmission Pipelines

General enquiries
0800 FIRST GAS/ 0800 347 784 or

Pipeline locations and permits
0800 800 393 or

0800 734 567 or 111

Distribution Pipelines

General enquiries
0800 FIRST GAS / 0800 347 784

Plans or 0800 248 344

0800 802 332 or 111