Check beforeUdig

If you are a contractor excavating land or working on land that has either high pressure transmission pipelines or low pressure gas distribution lines running through it you need to contact BeforeUdig

Locating with landowners


BeforeUdig work with utility owners to keep yourself, those around you and our community safe when working near underground utilities.

BeforeUdig is a FREE service designed to help protect your safety and prevent damage and disruption to the underground services networks that include gas, electricity, communications and water.

Once you've submitted a BeforeUdig request a response will be provided back to you with the next steps to either organise a locate or permit with us. If no pipelines are present you can proceed with your work.


Don't play around with your safety

Striking a gas line while digging can be a dangerous situation. Whether you're a professional or just doing some home repairs, it's crucial to be aware of the dangers and avoid hazardous risks. Don't play around with your safety. Always know what's below.

Don't play around with your safety