Working near our pipelines

Contractors undertake the majority of work near both our high pressure transmission and low pressure distribution gas pipelines.

It is important that Firstgas and Contractors work together to ensure people’s safety is protected, and the pipeline integrity is safeguarded.

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    To arrange for a pipeline location and permit, or if you have any questions about transmission pipeline easements contact our team.

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    Services to help you work safely

    We provide a number of services to help people work safely around our transmission and distribution pipelines.

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    Check Before you dig

    If you are excavating land or working on land that has either low pressure gas distribution lines or high pressure transmission pipelines running through it you need to contact us.

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    Safety for Contractors

    Watch our safety guide for contractors working around high-pressure transmission and distribution gas pipelines.

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    Firstgas Pipeline Safety Guide

    Download our Pipeline Safety Guide for safe working practices when working in the vicinity of our pipelines.

Farmer and Field Tech permit

Pipeline Easement Permits

Permits are required for all work on the pipeline easement. This service if FREE of charge for all Landowners

Pipeline Easement Permits are issued by Firstgas to authorise and control all works that could damage or endanger a transmission pipeline. The permit sets out the minimum safety conditions applicable to the proposed work which you must adhere to.

Permits are required for all work within a pipeline easement or in the road reserve near a transmission pipeline. We will meet you at the site on an agreed day to locate and identify the pipeline and will then issue you with a permit.

It is important to plan ahead allowing at least 48 hours.

NEVER commence work without a permit, or you could be liable for any damage to the pipeline and the surrounding easement.