Councils are important partners for First Gas. Working with Councils is key to ensuring community safety, adequate pipeline easement and designation protection, and the ability to provide the community with a secure supply of their domestic and commercial gas needs.

First Gas works with District and Regional Councils to ensure proposed land use changes support everyone’s safety around high pressure pipelines.

We encourage Councils to treat First Gas as an affected party on all land use changes that have potential to compromise safety around pipeline easements or designations.

Please speak to us about:

  • Any land use changes planned around our pipeline easements or designations
  • Potential noise and other impacts from high pressure pipeline above-ground facilities
  • Planning designations for future high pressure pipeline requirements
  • Proposed changes to District and Regional plans

How can we help?

We aim to visit most Councils annually to discuss pipeline safety and planning issues. If you would like us to visit on any occasion, please contact us.

We offer FREE Pipeline Easement Safety awareness sessions for you and your team. Please contact us to arrange these sessions.

We can also provide local authorities with a GIS (Arch Info) planning overlay to assist in identifying our pipeline easements, designations and assets.

Please contact us for any assistance you require. Ph 0800 734 567 or email