Living near our pipelines

Information for Landowners

Family on easement

Keeping our community safe

The safety of our landowners and communities is our number one priority at Firstgas. We rely on you as landowners who may be involved in upcoming works within the pipeline easement on your property, to follow the correct safety and notification process.


We can help you

  • When planning work on or near the gas pipeline corridor
  • When selling or subdividing your property
  • To report anyone working on or near the gas pipeline easement who is not contracted by you or who is not a Firstgas representative
  • If you notice soil erosion on or near the gas pipeline corridor
  • To report damaged or missing warning signs

Working near our pipelines?

If you are excavating land or working on land that has either low pressure gas distribution lines or high pressure transmission pipelines running through it, you need to contact Firstgas to ensure your safety and the integrity of our pipelines are protected while work is being carried out.