High pressure pipelines

Firstgas owns and operates more than 2,500 kms of high-pressure gas transmission pipelines, and 4,800kms of gas distribution networks across the North Island. The high-pressure pipelines transport natural gas to over 300,000 homes and businesses everyday which is why it is important we protect them to keep you and our services safe.

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Our pipelines are located in registered easements

The high pressure gas transmission pipelines are located in registered easements where they cross private property. The terms and conditions of easements provide pipeline owners with rights of access to inspect and maintain the pipelines and set some controls to prevent damage to the pipelines caused by external interference.

Easement widths do vary but they are generally 12 metres wide for a single pipeline and increase by 4 metres for each additional pipeline.

You may see our staff from time to time as they carry out inspection and maintenance activities within the easement area. Unless it is an urgent or emergency situation, we will notify the owner of land that is subject to an easement before any Firstgas staff or contractors enter the property.

Walking on easement

Pipeline easements

A pipeline easement is a legal agreement that gives rights to the pipeline owner (Firstgas) to access someone else’s land for the purposes of installing and maintaining a pipeline(s) in a safe way.

The easement terms also outline any restrictions on the easements area. Firstgas will always notify you when we carry out any work on the easement. 

If you would like to see where your pipeline runs on your property we can provide you with a plan of the property showing an aerial image and the location of the easement.