Developers, Planners and Surveyors

We believe that safe urban development near high-pressure pipeline easements or designations can be achieved by collaborating together with stakeholders including councils, developers, surveyors, and planners.

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Working together with Developers, Planners and Surveyors

Firstgas has registered easements or designations that protect strips of land on which our pipelines are located.  These pipelines are permanently located on public and private land which are formalised on the property’s title. A change in ownership does not alter these rights.

We maintain both the rights and responsibilities to access the pipeline easement for maintenance and safety monitoring to ensure the protection of the pipeline and the easement itself.

While Firstgas' high-pressure pipelines are initially designed to accommodate the existing or anticipated land uses at the time of construction, it's essential to note that, given their extended operational lifespan (up to 80 years), changes in land use are inevitable over time.

Firstgas high pressure pipelines are designed for the land uses that exist or are envisaged at the time of construction. But, because pipelines typically have long operational lives (up to 80 years), land use change over time is inevitable.

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Early communication in the planning process is crucial

Early communication, whether required to or not under resource consent approval conditions, is essential to help all parties. This will avoid potential costly delays to your subdivision and required approval process.

We need to jointly access and mitigate the impacts of the land development to enable the continued protection of the pipeline and the objectives the land development. This ensures that the associated requirements, risks and issues around pipeline safety are incorporated in the design phase of any planning scheme or developments.

We off a FREE initial meeting on site with you (developer, planner, surveyor). We will discuss your high-level subdivision layout and give advice on best ways to achieve what you need and for the pipeline easement to be protected.