Planting guidelines

If you're planning on planting on the pipeline easement it is important you check our planting guideline. Our guide takes into consideration the plant type, its root system and ensures accessibility to the pipeline.

Planting on the easement

While we encourage planting, please be aware that Firstgas reserves the right to remove any vegetation deemed potentially hazardous to the pipeline in the future. Unfortunately, we won't be replanting or providing compensation for removal so it's important to speak to us on your planting plans. 

Some important considerations when planning your planting on the easement 

  • Firstgas requires vehicle access along the easement.
  • Tree planting directly alongside the pipeline easement must be approved by Firstgas
  • Support structures for growing grapes, kiwifruit or other type of fruit should be at least 5 meters from the pipeline
  • Firstgas will not agree to vegetation covenants over the easement