Connecting to natural gas is easy.

Enjoy all of the benefits of having a clean, efficient and economical source of energy that provides instant control over your energy needs.

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Check availability

It’s easy to check – enter your address in the map below, to see if your home is READY TO CONNECT.

    Natural gas main in the street
    Within 50 meters of a natural gas main, talk to us about availability
    Project to install natural gas mains
    No natural gas main within 50 metres


Choose a retailer and gasfitter

Find an energy retailer

Shop around for an energy retailer that suits you. You’ll need to let us know who your nominated retailer is when you apply.

Find a gasfitter

Find a qualified gas fitter to complete your natural gas connection and to install gas appliances into your home or business.


Trenching and quotation

We need an open trench to install a duct through which the gas connection can be inserted. This trench can be shared with other services as long as it it meets our dig your own trench specifications.

We provide you with a quotation for installing a gas connection and we need you to sign and return the quotation to First Gas (even if there is no charge for the connection) to get underway.

Once we have your accepted quotation, we will schedule the work and will contact you to confirm a completion date.


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If your home is READY TO CONNECT, please complete our online application form and we’ll be in touch to discuss your connection.

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Gas for your home

Enjoy endless hot water, precise cooking control, and luxurious home heating.

Gas for your business

Natural gas is clean, efficient and economic compared to many other fuel options.