Contractors undertake the majority of works near both our high pressure transmission and low pressure distribution gas pipelines.

It’s therefore important that First Gas and Contractors work together to ensure people’s safety is protected, and the pipeline integrity is safeguarded.

How to keep yourself and your work colleague’s safe

When you plan to undertake any excavation (hand or machine), directional drilling or under boring within a pipeline easement or near our pipelines under roads you must first contact First Gas for permit approval.

Easement Permits and Close Approach Consents are provided by First gas to authorise and control activities that could threaten your safety and pipeline integrity.

When you are planning the works contact the FREE Before You Dig service to accurately locate the gas pipelines. You will receive plans showing the location of the pipelines and, if required, we will arrange with you to locate these on site. We can advise minimum approach distances, whether you require an observer and other requirements.

Early notification is required and allows First Gas to work with contractors to ensure a smooth and timely process for approval (normally two working days).

Note this is generally a FREE service but we reserve the right to charge for any extra work beyond the first four hours for more involved projects requiring engineering work or longer-term stand overs.

Further help we provide and updating your details

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The contractor process for working near First Gas assets

Download the Gas Pipeline Safety Guide

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