Our purpose is to provide a safe and reliable gas supply to our customers in a manner that maintains New Zealand’s unique ecosystem and manage the risks posed by pests and diseases to the economy, environment, primary industries and human health.

We will comply with all legislative requirements. This policy sets our commitment to New Zealand’s biosecurity for our employees, contractors, communities, visitors, our customers and for future generations.

First Gas will:

  • Ensure biosecurity issues are considered as a part of all operations;
  • Take biosecurity protection measures to reduce the risk of transmission of biosecurity issues;
  • Empower our people to suspend activities if biosecurity could be compromised.

To achieve and monitor this First Gas will:

Support and follow the biosecurity measures of our landowners, stakeholders, government bodies and local authorities to minimise and eradicate harmful pests and diseases;

  • Ensure all people working with or for First Gas have a thorough understanding of this policy, our biosecurity protection measures and reasons for doing so;
  • Stay informed on current biosecurity issues and communicate these to all people working with or for First Gas;
  • Communicate with all key stakeholders on all aspects of this policy.

All First Gas personnel are responsible for:

  • Ensuring their own and other’s adheres to this policy and First Gas HSE management standards. Escalating any biosecurity issues if they have the potential to put the environment at risk. For specific information on Mycoplasma Bovis biosecurity procedures see the attached document.