Farmers and Growers can protect themselves, their workers, contractors, the community, and the pipeline by contacting First Gas prior to undertaking works on land directly adjacent to or on an easement. First gas provides a FREE service to locate the pipeline. Always check with us as you should never assume the location or depth of the pipeline.

Early notification of planned works allows First Gas to work with the farmer or Grower and their contractor to ensure a smooth and timely process for approval (normally two working days). Any work that may require more detailed engineering investigation and approvals should be discussed early at the planning stage to prevent delays or to facilitate changes.

Most work undertaken within a pipeline easement or near a transmission pipeline by the landowner, farmer, grower or contractor requires a pipeline easement permit, this includes:

  • Any excavation works
  • Landscaping, levelling or contouring including removing or increasing soil cover
  • Use of explosives including seismic surveys
  • Laying or working on other services including under-boring/directional drilling
  • Drain clearing and construction
  • Construction of roads and tracks
  • Fencing installation or replacement – placement of fence posts
  • Building construction
  • Mole ploughing
  • Heavy machinery or loads
  • Planting or removal of trees and scrubs including logging
  • Deep ripping or deep cultivation (below 300mm)
  • Storing material or erecting structures
  • Use of vibrating machinery including rollers

First Gas will provide the pipeline location and easement permit Free of Charge

First Gas can also provide an aerial map of pipelines on your property if requested

Call First Gas on 0800 800 393 for the permit application process or email for more information and help with the process.